Soccer-Rebounder-Training-ModesMultiple Modes & Rebounding Angles

With 8 different Modes including the back passer bar and an almost endless number of rebounding angles, you will never be bored practicing soccer again! No matter what skill you want to work on, ULTIMAGOAL has a mode or plane you can develop it on.


“I am a father of three competitive club soccer players 12(girl), 9(boy), and 8(boy) and I love the UltimaGoal. We have had our UltimaGoal for over 3 years now and it is still just like new.  It was easy to put together and it is a SOLID piece of equipment!!!  It doesn’t move all over when your children are banging soccer balls on it.  It is an incredible soccer training aid that is easy to use for my children and has several applications.  The UltimaGoal has been so good for their touch and I have seen the difference in their games.  To me, at the youth soccer level, it is all about touches on the ball and the UltimaGoal allows your child to get a maximum amount of touches during a short period of time.  The most important thing to me though, is that my children really like using the UltimaGoal.  They are having fun with it and that makes it feel like they are not practicing.  I would recommend the UltimaGoal over the other products on the market.” Johnny D.

The Elite Soccer Training Rebounder


Sturdy – Your best shot won’t knock it over.

Safe – No stakes, rounded corners.

Durable – Steel Springs and Tubing and All Weather Nylon Netting that’s built to last for years!

Solid - Over 50lbs of Rebounding action.

Back Passer Bar – Deliver Perfect Passes with this ULTIMAGOAL exclusive.

Easy, Quick Set-up - with Steel Bolts & Black Ball Nuts.

Portable - you can take it anywhere.

Multi-Use - use it as a defender, obstacle, teammate, goal, target,…


Superior Response & Durability = Years of Use


Two of the most important components when buying a soccer rebounder are:

Netting – Thin nets won’t hold up with any type of power on your shot. Also,unlike ULTIMAGOAL’s Tough Weave netting, elastic netting breaks down quickly in the elements and will lose its elasticity quickly making for slower, weak rebounding. Bungees or Springs – The original ULTIMAGOAL had bungees much stronger than the ones in the picture but even these would break down in the elements quickly which is why we switched to springs. Also, springs provide a better rebounding response, more closely simulating game like conditions. You will get years of excellent rebounding response from springs.



“My daughter who is now 15, has been using the Ultimagoal for going on 2 years. She loves the thing and has spent countless hours practicing with it. When we purchased the Ultimagoal, she had just made the move from keeper to field player. Her first touch was ok, but not great. Thanks to her practicing with the Ultimagoal, her touch has improved dramatically. In games, players rarely get fed perfect passes, until now. The Ultimagoal lets her practice receiving balls coming to her on the ground, in the air, way out in front, or from behind. When I ask her what she loves about the Ultimagoal it’s that she can get as many touches or more in 15 minutes, as she can in an hour and a half of team practice. Thanks for making a wonderful product.” Summerville, SC. USA

The Perfect Practice Partner – Now you can practice what you want, when you want, where you want, for as long as you want…  not needing another player, parent or coach to practice with.

Defender – Use ULTIMAGOAL as a defender to dribble around or shield the ball from.

Wall of Players – Practice Direct Kicks around or over ULTIMAGOAL using it as a wall of players.

Coach Skill Demonstrator – Coaches can demonstrate any skill easily using ULTIMAGOAL as a Coaching Assistant.

Skill Testing – Coaches can grade a player’s touch, technique, speed, reflexes, accuracy and more from head-to-toe quickly using an ULTIMAGOAL.

Player Warmup – before and during games and practices, ULTIMAGOAL is a low-impact way to get players ready for action.

Small Goal - ULTIMAGOAL is the perfect size to use as a goal in small-sided games.

Team Drills – Coaches can use ULTIMAGOAL in drills as a something to rebound off, an obstacle/defender, and more. It adds a fun element to practices.

Camp Equipment – Make your soccer camp fun and challenging with an ULTIMAGOAL.

Personal Soccer Coaches - Excellent aid for coaches doing one-on-one or small group training.

Indoor/Outdoor Facility - ULTIMAGOAL has no stakes so it is safe for indoor use and is super durable to withstand the outdoor elements too.


“I bought the Ultimagoal for my son a few years ago and it has been an invaluable training tool. He uses Ultimagoal in our basement during the winter and outdoor during the summer. Ultimagoal has improved his touch tremendously. At 12 years-old he plays on one of the top teams in the country with his team just winning the state championship which allowed them to advance to regionals. He was also selected for the first team as part of the ODP (US Olympic Development Program). His ODP evaluation was excellent in every area and he was praised for his ball skills and excellent touch. My 8 year-old daughter has just begun to play competitively and she really enjoys practicing with Ultimagoal as well. We love the portability of Ultimagoal and it is in the same condition as when we bought it. Thanks again for a great product!” Baldwinsville, NY


ULTIMAGOAL develops all of the skills below & more!!



“We purchased The Ultimagoal as a Christmas gift for our son in 2008. We assembled it in the basement and he began using it right away for hours on end. Once spring arrived and soccer season resumed, his house league coaches repeatedly asked what happen over the winter to transform his skills so much. We attribute many of his developed skills to his devotion to practicing with the Ultimagoal and he handily made the Select Team that season and has been playing Select Soccer since. Two and a half years later and the Ultimagoal is standing up well to the elements and is still a frequent favorite in our backyard for tweaking accuracy and general practice. Thanks again for a great product.” Toronto, CANADA


“I am a longtime soccer coach and player and saw the Ultimagoal advertised on TV last year. I decided to purchase it and I’ve never regretted it. My son and I use the Ultimagoal almost every day. The improvement in my son’s game has been absolutely tremendous and I firmly believe it is directly correlated to his practicing on the Ultimagoal. His first touch, trapping, passing and shooting have all improved light years from where he was before we bought the Ultimagoal. His teammates and other parents have all noticed his improvement and have asked me repeatedly what he has been doing to improve so much. I just tell them he has an Ultimagoal and uses it almost every day. Consequently, several of his teammates and friends have purchased one and they love it too! I couldn’t be happier with my purchase of the Ultimagoal; it’s great fun for our whole family! Thank you Ultimagoal for creating such an outstanding soccer product!!!” Livermore, CA USA


“Simply, the Ultimagoal ROCKS! My 9-year-old son and I have seen the commercials and finally purchased one. It did not disappoint. It shipped quick, was easy to put together, and got my son excited about practice again! The first day alone he practiced with it for about 3 full hours. He’s been through all of the modes already and I see no end to his excitement in this product, in fact, I ordered a second one today! Thank you for a great product!!!” Dayton, OH. USA


“I just want to thank you for a great product. I built it yesterday.  My boys played normal games Saturday and then spent 5 hrs shooting and drilling this afternoon….Awesome..well made and easy to assemble.” Danbury, CT. USA


England – Fathers Testimonial“It’s difficult for a parent to keep a 14 year-old interested in individual practice routines, but the Ultimagoal helps by adding a fun element that keeps him going for hours at a time. My son has just signed with a top Premiership club in England and since he’s been using the Ultimagoal for a while there’s no doubt it has helped his technique in many ways and pushed him ahead of his peers. England – 14 year old Sons Testimonial - Having an Ultimagoal stops practice from getting too boring, as it can be used for many different things. As football gets faster and more competitive, a good technique is essential and this definitely helps my touch, accuracy, foot speed and reactions and I’ve definitely seen the improvement since I started using it.


“I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the goal. My son goes straight for it every day after school. How sweet not to have to beg him to practice! Also his power and accuracy have improved just in the last couple weeks. I can’t wait to see him in a couple months. Great product!” Charleston, SC. USA


“The goal was a Christmas present for my 6 year old son. He has only had the goal for 4 days and has easily trained 20 plus hours with it. He stated this is the best gift he has ever received, even better than the Nintendo Wii. The # of uses for training is absolutely amazing. If your son/daughter really enjoys the game this is a MUST HAVE!!! The customer service is great too. I had a question regarding assembly on Christmas Eve and my call was returned right away. Thanks for making an excellent product and for providing a valuable training tool for my son as he prepares for U9 travel.” Bristow, VA. USA


(Parent) I purchased your Ultimagoal 2 years ago. My children have USED this great soccer training product many times each week. The improvement in their “touch” has greatly improved…and so has their passing, ball control, and # of goals scored in games. My middle daughter can now volley over 800 times in a row, against the main net, without the ball touching the ground! Youth #1(age 17): The ultimagoal was very helpful during my recovery from knee surgery. It helped ease me back into playing competitive soccer while greatly improving my touches on the ball. It is also very fun to play with when my friends come over – even those who don’t play soccer have fun using it! Youth #2(age 15): The ultimagoal has made me a better soccer player and has made my first touch much better in games. It has also prepared me for game-like situations when going one-on-one with an opponent. I started off only being able to volley 10-20 times in a row. The next day I got up to 50. By the end of two weeks, I could volley over 800 times in a row – until I just stopped because I got tired! Youth #3(age 13): Ultimagoal has improved my touch a lot because it gives me the repetition of giving a good touch on the ball. It also has given me more confidence while playing. Youth #4(age 9): I like the Ultimagoal because it has been helping me with my soccer ball juggling. I used to be able to only juggle about 5 times in a row. Now, after practicing with the Ultimagoal, I can juggle over 16 times in a row.” California, USA

The Ultimate Soccer Training System



You Get All 3 of the Above Products For Only $297

(plus $48 shipping & handling)

ULTIMAGOAL – The Ultimate Soccer Training Goal

ULTIMAGOALULTIMAGOAL is the Best Soccer Training Product on the market. It is also your perfect practice partner because you are able to “Develop Every Soccer Skill getting Maximum Game-Like Touches on the Ball in the Least Amount of Time  by YOURSELF.” Now you can practice headers, chip passes, volley shots, one-touch passes, moving strikes and more… BY YOURSELF!! With its spring loaded rebounding action, exclusive back-passer bar, All Weather nylon netting with Tough Weave, Eight Modes and Multiple Rebounding Angles, you will never be bored! Whether you are just starting soccer or have played for years, elevate your game almost overnight practicing with ULTIMAGOAL and have a blast doing it!!

6 Steps to Amazing Skill

SoccerTrainingBookletIIWhen you hear soccer training, we’re not talking about running laps, doing agility drills, or jumping over mini-hurdles. If you want to be good at soccer you need Sound Technique with the Ball. The most talented professionals devote a large portion of training to technique. Why? Technique is never perfected. Your goal is to develop proper technique first because perfect practice makes perfect. This 6 Steps to Amazing Skill is a success blueprint that takes you from beginner to elite in 6-steps from inside foot passes to volley passes… in-step drive shot to scissor kicks.


The Ultimate Soccer Video

SoccerPlaymakerDVDThis powerful DVD ships with the ULTIMAGOAL and breaks down the proper technique for every skill element used in the game. Now you can watch the skills, then duplicate them on the field. Included on the DVD: The 4-Step Process to Learn any Skill, The Secret to becoming a Pro Soccer Player, 37 Soccer Skills you can practice by yourself, How To Strike with Perfection Every Time, Dribble Moves that will leave Defenders Standing Still, Step-by-Step Skill Training Programs for Players & Goalies and more!!



“Thank you for creating the Ultimate Soccer Training Goal. With one year of use, I truly believe that this is the best soccer training product on the market today. Since, our purchase of Ultimagoal last Christmas, my son has used it for training almost every single day. He has used it to improve his skills for shooting, passing and heading the ball. His touch has improved to the point that his coaches now say, he has the best ball touch on the entire team. He was recently selected to the South Texas ODP (USA Olympic Development Program) and I believe his improvement from training with Ultimagoal allowed him to be on the first team. Thank you again, for building the best soccer training tool in the industry.” Converse, Texas


You Get All 3 of the Above Products For Only $297

(plus $48 shipping & handling)

90 Day Money Back Guarantee!!!

Order your ULTIMAGOAL, Ultimate Soccer Video on DVD and 6-Steps to Amazing Skill and use it as if you owned it. If, for any reason or for no reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied after 3 entire months  — just send back the ULTIMAGOAL and I’ll personally guarantee you get a complete refund of your purchase price by return mail. No questions asked. No hassles or forms to fill out. No problems at all… And keep the Ultimate Soccer Video and the 6-Steps to Amazing Skill as our gift to you… just for trying us out.

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