Soccer Christmas Gift

The Priceless Soccer Christmas Gift – Thankful Parents

Christmas brings to mind thankful parents that are very happy customers that gave a priceless soccer gift.

Parents that weren’t sure when they ordered what would happen when the gift was opened.

And when it was…

Their child loved it!

They played for hours and hours.

The parents were even more shocked by the enjoyment the gift brought their child.

They would say it’s the best gift ever!

But Christmas is only the beginning…

The True Gift was Later…

The True Gift became more apparent when they got back together with their team in the spring.

When the coaches would ask what their child did to become so good in the offseason.

When other parents would ask what’s was their secret. How could their child do this.

And that parent knew…

When they made that decision to buy the ULTIMAGOAL for Christmas for their child, that the investment was priceless.

The Best Gift Of All

That with a little time.

A little fun.

A little progress every day.

Their child gained skill. Their child gained self-confidence. Their child did it on their own.

And the when season started… they were a better player. And they knew it.

The Smartest Decision they Made

It could have been a story like a Christmas Carol… where it would have been just another season.

But the parents made the decision before Christmas to buy an ULTIMAGOAL.

And were so happy they did.

They’ve been amazed at what its done for their child.

You can give that priceless gift too… but only if you decide.

We’ve made it easy for you giving you the best price of the year on ULTIMAGOAL. But hurry because with shipping if you want it by Christmas, you’ll want to order as soon as possible.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here are quotes from customers that bought ULTIMAGOAL for their child for Christmas.

“The goal was a Christmas present for my 6 year old son. He has only had the goal for 4 days and has easily trained 20 plus hours with it. He stated this is the best gift he has ever received, even better than the Nintendo Wii. The # of uses for training is absolutely amazing. If your son/daughter really enjoys the game this is a MUST HAVE!!! The customer service is great too. I had a question regarding assembly on Christmas Eve and my call was returned right away. Thanks for making an excellent product and for providing a valuable training tool for my son as he prepares for U9 travel.” Derek B., Bristow, VA


“Thank you for creating the Ultimate Soccer Training Goal. With one year of use, I truly believe that this is the best soccer training product on the market today. Since, our purchase of Ultimagoal last Christmas, my son has used it for training almost every single day. He has used it to improve his skills for shooting, passing and heading the ball. His touch has improved to the point that his coaches now say, he has the best ball touch on the entire team. He was recently selected to the South Texas ODP (USA Olympic Development Program) and I believe his improvement from training with Ultimagoal allowed him to be on the first team. Thank you again, for building the best soccer training tool in the industry.” James W, Converse, TX


“We purchased The Ultimagoal as a Christmas gift for our son in 2008. We assembled it in the basement and he began using it right away for hours on end. Once spring arrived and soccer season resumed, his house league coaches repeatedly asked what happen over the winter to transform his skills so much. We attribute many of his developed skills to his devotion to practicing with the Ultimagoal and he handily made the Select Team that season and has been playing Select Soccer since. Two and a half years later and the Ultimagoal is standing up well to the elements and is still a frequent favorite in our backyard for tweaking accuracy and general practice. Thanks again for a great product.” Toronto, CANADA


It’s Amazed Me!

I always knew the product was very good but had no idea the results it would generate.

How quickly players developed soccer skill.

It happened to my grand daughter, my cousin’s daughter, the boy and girl on the Ultimate Soccer Video DVD.

Their results speak volumes.

From zero goals to top scorer on the team.

From Rec to Varsity as freshman, highest goal scorer, 2nd team All Conference, State honorable mention.

Varsity as Freshman, All Conference, All State, Division One College Scholarship.

You Could See That Too

It’s your turn to be amazed.

And now is the perfect time to do it.

Get your child an ULTIMAGOAL and sit back and watch as they become the best soccer player they can be.

Merry Christmas

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