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The One Big Problem Every Soccer Player and Goalie Has

Ever heard the saying “How you practice is how you play”. If you practice by yourself, you have a big problem…

… and it shows up at the worst time… when you are in a game.

Sure you can blow by defenders with your amazing dribbling skill… and you can do fancy juggling with the ball… but do these translate to success in the game?

Many players are great jugglers but unfortunately are mediocre soccer players. And there are a lot of great dribblers that burn a couple guys but fizzle out when their passes are way off target or they miss a golden opportunity to score with a shot that veers wildly past the net.

The reason this happens is you are stuck. Here is your BIG PROBLEM.

It is very difficult to practice shooting, passing, receiving, trapping, volleying, heading, etc. alone.

You are stuck striking stationary balls, tossing balls in the air and chasing balls if you don’t have this…


An ULTIMAGOAL in your backyard allows you to work on every skill and you get a ton of touches in no time. And they are game-like touches. So if you want to quickly take your skill to the next level, get an ULTIMAGOAL.

Watch the video at http://asoccerplayer.com to see all the skills you can work on by yourself.

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