The Biggest Obstacle to Talent Development

This great article by John O’Sullivan, reveals two great player that were almost eliminated from a sport they would eventually dominate, Gareth Bale and Paul Scholes. During the young teen years it is easy to base a child’s potential on speed, strength, endurance, power and athleticism while  ignoring technical ability and creativity.

So if your child is small or at a disadvantage because of the date of the age cutoff (more than 6 months after) or is less mature for their age, have faith… and patience.  And be sure you help them develop sound technical skills. Once their skill is automatic, they will start to become more creative (in addition to having more confidence). Click the link below to read the full article.

When your child practices with a rebounder/goal like ULTIMAGOAL, you give them a huge competitive edge over other kids because they rapidly develop their technical skill by getting game-like touches passing, shooting, receiving, heading, volleying and more by themselves. And it is FUN!

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