Soccer Christmas Gift

The Priceless Soccer Christmas Gift – Thankful Parents

Christmas brings to mind thankful parents that are very happy customers that gave a priceless soccer gift.
Parents that weren’t sure when they ordered what would happen when the gift was opened.
And when it was…
Their child loved it!
They played for hours and hours.
The parents were even more shocked by the enjoyment the gift brought their child.

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Jepson Offensive Player of the Week

Jepson Breaks 2 Conference Records While Becoming Horizon Offensive Player of the Week

The young player in the Ultimate Soccer Video that ships with the ULTIMAGOAL is a Sophmore at UW – Green Bay and is racking up records while displaying his talent. Click the link below to view the article.

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Your Son Has the Most Amazing First Touch in Soccer

When other parents are coming up to you telling you they love watching your child play… you can’t help but feel proud.
That is one of the topics Mark Jepson talks about in his interview about how the ULTIMAGOAL has helped his son and daughter become successful soccer players. Click on the video below to watch…

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