soccer rebounder

Buying a Soccer Rebounder – What Every Parent Should Know

How to avoid wasting money on soccer rebounders that will fall apart quickly or that your child will quickly lose interest in.
Having spent quite a few weekends at tournaments this summer and fall, I’ve made a couple valuable observations about kids and what trips their trigger when it comes to practicing soccer on the ULTIMAGOAL…

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How You Practice Soccer

How You Practice Soccer is How You Play

Mario Götze’s goal in the World Cup final (and the missed opportunity by Gonzalo Higuain) spotlights how technique can be the difference between winning and losing, scoring and not scoring.
By the way he finished, you knew it was something he practiced over and over and over. He also made sure his technique and touch were…

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Olympic Development Program

How to Train Olympic Development Program Players & Beginners in the Same Practice

As a coach, keeping players actively engaged in a training practice is difficult enough but then add in a wide skill variance with Olympic Development Program players to recreational soccer players and you have a BIG challenge.
This has been my first experience training players with this wide of a variation in skill. But this situation…

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when it rains it pours at soccer practice

When it Rains it Pours…

… and makes the ball a lot heavier too.
Today, I noticed more weaknesses in the team than I had before. Probably because I am able to focus on their skill more since this is the third time. Things like:

Bad technique – passing, shooting, receiving, heading, etc.
Lack of touches
Little time with ball before/after practice – form…

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No Worm Grunting the Second Day of Soccer Practice

Was excited for the second day of soccer practice with the team but still was a little unsure about what I was going to work with the guys on with the ULTIMAGOALS.
Even though we arrived at the fields 45 minutes early we started about 20 minutes late. I remember my days in high school we…

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Day After the First Soccer Practice – Player Report

Mark talked to the coach of the team we practiced with the day before to get the feedback from the captains and some of the players.
The captains told their coach they learned a lot and really enjoyed the practice. A couple of the players wanted more information about the goals so they can practice on…

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First Day of Soccer Practice was not Worm Poop

Got to the field about an hour early to set up the ULTIMAGOALS and check out our training grounds. The fields were mushy as it had just rained about an hour and a half before we got there.
One of the ULTIMAGOALS was a defective one that was on life support with rusty springs, springs missing,…

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Misty Varsity Soccer Testimonial ULTIMAGOAL

Misty goes from Rec Soccer to Making Varsity as a Freshman

How I went from Rec Soccer to making the Varsity as a freshman in high school, scoring the most goals on the team and being selected 2nd Team All-Conference.

Misty watched the “Ultimate Soccer Video” for helping with her skill training with ULTIMAGOAL. The DVD is available for FREE by clicking here.

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Are Soccer Practices and Games Hurting Your Child’s Skill Development?

Most soccer coaches want to win. I was a soccer coach and I wanted to win too. Even with my U6 team… we weren’t supposed to keep score but if you ask any one of the kids or parents, they knew the score.
Winning, goals, performance, competition… are all measuring sticks to see how your team…

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