US Soccer Practice Session

How to Get a Practice Session with a US Soccer National Team Player

Imagine you get a one-on-one practice session with a US Soccer Women’s National team player for a whole hour. You work on a variety of soccer skills like heading, passing, shooting, volleying, chip passing… The training drills start at a beginner level and progress to elite….
That is exactly what I got to do the second…

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Which Player Are You

The One Big Problem Every Soccer Player and Goalie Has

Ever heard the saying “How you practice is how you play”. If you practice by yourself, you have a big problem…
… and it shows up at the worst time… when you are in a game.
Sure you can blow by defenders with your amazing dribbling skill… and you can do fancy juggling with the ball… but…

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Player practicing with ULTIMAGOAL

How to Be a Great Soccer Player

Two words sum up how to be a great soccer player = Maximum Repetitions. But how do you get maximum repetitions? You are not going to get them in a game – the average soccer player touches the ball once every two minutes. And you are not going to get it in practice – you may only touch the ball…

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