The Biggest Obstacle to Talent Development

This great article by John O’Sullivan, reveals two great player that were almost eliminated from a sport they would eventually dominate, Gareth Bale and Paul Scholes. During the young teen years it is easy to base a child’s potential on speed, strength, endurance, power and athleticism while  ignoring technical ability and creativity.
So if your child…

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Soccer Tryouts

The Stress of Soccer Tryouts and Not Making the Team

The stress of soccer tryouts and not making the team can be devastating to children, carrying over in to adulthood.
Every year our children try out for soccer teams across the country. Many experience the joy of being selected but many feel the rejection of “not being good enough”… not making the team… being cut.
May be…

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Wanted: Child with low self-confidence and little skill that loves soccer

If you are like me, nothing hurts more than seeing a child struggle with something they could easily be good at.
What makes it even worse is the damaging impact on their self-confidence and self-worth. Sometimes with just a little direction, we as coaches can help keep these kids thrive and be successful.
I’ve been able to…

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