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Buying a Soccer Rebounder – What Every Parent Should Know

How to avoid wasting money on soccer rebounders that will fall apart quickly or that your child will quickly lose interest in.
Having spent quite a few weekends at tournaments this summer and fall, I’ve made a couple valuable observations about kids and what trips their trigger when it comes to practicing soccer on the ULTIMAGOAL…

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Soccer Rebounder What you should know when buying one

The Soccer Rebounder – what you should know when buying one. Getting a rebounder can dramatically improve your soccer skill since you get many touches in a short period of time but buyer beware when it comes to purchasing one.
The less expensive rebounders on the market can get you started but unfortunately are not built…

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Are Soccer Practices and Games Hurting Your Child’s Skill Development?

Most soccer coaches want to win. I was a soccer coach and I wanted to win too. Even with my U6 team… we weren’t supposed to keep score but if you ask any one of the kids or parents, they knew the score.
Winning, goals, performance, competition… are all measuring sticks to see how your team…

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