US Soccer Practice Session

How to Get a Practice Session with a US Soccer National Team Player

Imagine you get a one-on-one practice session with a US Soccer Women’s National team player for a whole hour. You work on a variety of soccer skills like heading, passing, shooting, volleying, chip passing… The training drills start at a beginner level and progress to elite….
That is exactly what I got to do the second…

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Skill Course

7 Tips to Avoid Boring Soccer Practices

Boring practices!?
Even though every coach tries to avoid them, it is the top complaint of players. And technical training is one of the most boring aspects of practices yet needs attention, especially at the younger levels where kids are just learning skills.
So how do you keep your players enthusiastic about practice while developing technical skill?

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The Biggest Obstacle to Talent Development

This great article by John O’Sullivan, reveals two great player that were almost eliminated from a sport they would eventually dominate, Gareth Bale and Paul Scholes. During the young teen years it is easy to base a child’s potential on speed, strength, endurance, power and athleticism while  ignoring technical ability and creativity.
So if your child…

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Olympic Development Program

How to Train Olympic Development Program Players & Beginners in the Same Practice

As a coach, keeping players actively engaged in a training practice is difficult enough but then add in a wide skill variance with Olympic Development Program players to recreational soccer players and you have a BIG challenge.
This has been my first experience training players with this wide of a variation in skill. But this situation…

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Day After the First Soccer Practice – Player Report

Mark talked to the coach of the team we practiced with the day before to get the feedback from the captains and some of the players.
The captains told their coach they learned a lot and really enjoyed the practice. A couple of the players wanted more information about the goals so they can practice on…

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Are Soccer Practices and Games Hurting Your Child’s Skill Development?

Most soccer coaches want to win. I was a soccer coach and I wanted to win too. Even with my U6 team… we weren’t supposed to keep score but if you ask any one of the kids or parents, they knew the score.
Winning, goals, performance, competition… are all measuring sticks to see how your team…

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