Soccer Christmas Gift

The Priceless Soccer Christmas Gift – Thankful Parents

Christmas brings to mind thankful parents that are very happy customers that gave a priceless soccer gift.
Parents that weren’t sure when they ordered what would happen when the gift was opened.
And when it was…
Their child loved it!
They played for hours and hours.
The parents were even more shocked by the enjoyment the gift brought their child.

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James Rodriguez World Cup Goal

How to Practice World Cup Soccer like James Rodriguez -VIDEO

The most memorable goal in the 2014 World Cup was James Rodriguez’s chest trap volley kick against Uruguay. To see the goal go to the 11:38 mark on the video below.

Being able to watch the elite players on this video execute such beautiful goals leaves you wondering – how do you practice amazing goals by…

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Jepson Offensive Player of the Week

Jepson Breaks 2 Conference Records While Becoming Horizon Offensive Player of the Week

The young player in the Ultimate Soccer Video that ships with the ULTIMAGOAL is a Sophmore at UW – Green Bay and is racking up records while displaying his talent. Click the link below to view the article.

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Soccer is Fun

Beware if your child is the best player on their soccer team

Beware if your child is the best player on their soccer team. Being the best player on the team could be detrimental to your child’s development as a soccer player. Your child could be the best for a number of reasons like,
· They are the fastest
· They have the best shot
· They are the best…

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Soccer Tryouts

The Stress of Soccer Tryouts and Not Making the Team

The stress of soccer tryouts and not making the team can be devastating to children, carrying over in to adulthood.
Every year our children try out for soccer teams across the country. Many experience the joy of being selected but many feel the rejection of “not being good enough”… not making the team… being cut.
May be…

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How Backyard, Basement Soccer Players Become the Best

Watch the best soccer players. They are just a split second faster than everybody else.
They have more skill, more confidence and can almost predict a play before it happens. How? They have developed unconscious skill. It’s the difference between good and great.
“Yeah but that won’t work for me.”
You may think that this type of skill…

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How to Create a State Champion Soccer Team

Having read testimonials and witnessing my grand kids, cousin’s daughter and others become the best on their team using an ULTIMAGOAL, made me want to take the proof to another level – help not just a player improve but an entire team…. but not just any team.
Take one of the worst teams and make it…

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