Soccer Training DVD Missing Video

Missing Video from Soccer Training DVD

If you received the Ultimate Soccer Video DVD in the last year, then you missed watching this video that was included on the DVD that ships with the product.

I intentionally left the video off the DVD… but now wish I would have left it on. I think you’ll agree with me after you watch it. The content in the missing video will definitely help you.

You definitely don’t want to miss the part about learning. It’ll help you understand how you will learn to play soccer with an ULTIMAGOAL.

This video helps me understand why many coaches have been resistant to ULTIMAGOAL. They are stuck at Step One “They don’t know what they don’t know”. Don’t get me wrong, many coaches know a lot about soccer they just don’t know anything about how an ULTIMAGOAL can quickly transform a player’s skill. If they did, EVERY coach would have their players practicing on an ULTIMAGOAL outside of practice.

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