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One Game Away from State in Soccer

The two boys high school teams that purchased ULTIMAGOALS this fall were both one game shy of making it to the state tournament in Milwaukee in Division 1 and Division 2.

I was hoping for a state championship from the team I worked with this summer but there was a silver lining in that they made it the farthest ever in school history.

From the summer to the end of the season, I was impressed with the growth and development of the players physically as well as mentally.

And they weren’t the only ones learning.  They were the first team I had worked with on the ULTIMAGOALS. There were some successes and struggles but overall the goals helped the players improve their touch on the ball.

The season had many missed opportunities especially with not being able to finish – shots off target, poor technique, rushing the shot, etc.

However, the playing short-sided games paid big dividends as the team was able to dominate possession of the ball in almost every game they played. Unfortunately, there were a few players that didn’t practice this summer and it showed. They struggled with passing accuracy as well as shooting.

I am very optimistic for next year as a number of the players are returning, plus they have ULTIMAGOALS they can fine tune their skills with. A year of developing skill so it is automatic and working on improving their reaction speed should put them over the top. We’ll have to wait and see.

To be continued…


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