James Rodriguez World Cup Goal

How to Practice World Cup Soccer like James Rodriguez -VIDEO

The most memorable goal in the 2014 World Cup was James Rodriguez’s chest trap volley kick against Uruguay. To see the goal go to the 11:38 mark on the video below.

Being able to watch the elite players on this video execute such beautiful goals leaves you wondering – how do you practice amazing goals by yourself?

Your best option – an ULTIMAGOAL.

This article will take you through step-by-step what you want to do to practice James Rodriguez amazing World Cup goal.

Step One

Break down the shot to its fundamental elements. He does two skills – an angled chest trap then an aerial side volley shot.

Jame Rodriguez Chest TrapJames Rodriguez Volley Shot

Step Two

Start with the basic skill then progress to the more advanced skill level. So starting out you want to practice trapping with your chest then progress to angling your chest trap.

With volleying, you want to develop a feel for the ball in the air by continuously volleying off ULTIMAGOAL. Then progress to starting slightly off center from ULTIMAGOAL, kicking at the lower half of the Control Plane moving forward and volleying the ball in the net (picture of a 7 year old doing this below).

Hint – develop the right muscle memory first before you progress to the next level.

Watch this 7 Year Old do a Volley KickVolley2

Step Three.

chest-trap-volleyCombine the elements together. Start with ULTIMAGOAL at a 90 degree angle between you and the net – trapping and volleying.

Once you master that, move ULTIMAGOAL to your side (180 degree angle), kicking the ball at ULTIMAGOAL, trapping it forward at a 90 degree angle then volleying it into the net.

ULTIMAGOAL is the ONLY portable soccer rebounder goal that doesn’t need stakes making it great for you to practice in your backyard or take it with you to the soccer field so you can practice kicking your volley shots into the net.

It’s no wonder players that practice with ULTIMAGOAL develop an amazing touch… just like James Rodriguez.

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