World Cup Goal Game Winning Maro Gotze

How to Practice Mario Gotze’s Game Winning World Cup Goal by Yourself

This article will explain how you can practice the game winning goal by Mario Gotze in the 2014 FIFA World Cup Championship game with an ULTIMAGOAL.

The first thing you need to do is break down each of the technical skills he used to score the game winning goal and then how to do it from beginner to advancing to the actual goal.

Chest Trap

The first thing he does is a directional chest trap – so the ball comes in from his left side and he traps it forward to do a volley shot.

TWorldCupChestTrapo get an air ball from ULTIMAGOAL you can (1) kick the ball at the lower part of the control plane in the Control Shoot Mode (2) kick/throw the ball at the large plane in the Angled Rebounding mode or (3)throw the ball at the large plane in the Multi-Sport Mode.

Beginner – Start off by just kicking/throwing the ball and then trapping it with your chest, providing a little bounce to get it in front for a volley (note – you don’t want to volley until you are good at trapping with your chest first).

Intermediate – Now you want to do a directional chest trap so the ball is coming at you and you direct it a quarter turn toward the goal.

Advanced – Now add movement where you are doing a directional chest trap while moving toward the goal.

Volley Shot

The second thing Mario does is finish with a volley shot.

WorldCupVolleyShotBeginner – With ULTIMAGOAL in the Control Shoot Mode, just drop the ball & kick it on the bounce the catching the rebound. Progress to continuous volleying on the Control plane using different parts of your foot – inside, instep, outside.

Intermediate – Start just off center and kick the ball at the lower center of the Control Plane moving towards the ball and volleying the ball into a net.

Advanced – Now add movement, dribbling the ball then passing to the ULTIMAGOAL Control plane and then volleying it into a net.

Combine Chest Trap & Volley

Expert – Dribble the ball parallel with the ULTIMAGOAL striking the lower center of the Control Plane, do a directional chest trap and then volley the ball into the net.

Keep working on your technique and speed. The more advanced your level of play… the less time you’ll have… the faster you’ll have to do the skill.

Below are videos of the actual Mario Gotze goal and also one that demonstrates a little about how to do it with an ULTIMAGOAL.

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