US Soccer Practice Session

How to Get a Practice Session with a US Soccer National Team Player

Imagine you get a one-on-one practice session with a US Soccer Women’s National team player for a whole hour. You work on a variety of soccer skills like heading, passing, shooting, volleying, chip passing… The training drills start at a beginner level and progress to elite….

That is exactly what I got to do the second to last day of 2014. I had the fortune of working with Sarah Hagen, a professional player in the NWSL for FC Kansas City and a member of the US Women’s National Soccer Team.

Except I wasn’t the one doing the drills… Sarah was. I had her practice a variety of skills with an ULTIMAGOAL… and she was excited and impressed.

She immediately saw the value of this one-of-a-kind soccer training device for player skill development.

It’s why the day before, when I met her for the first time at a soccer camp she was running, I didn’t have to twist her arm to train with the product.

As a soccer star playing at the highest level with the best in the world, she knows what it takes to get to the top.

She trains kids all the time and acknowledged the majority of kids won’t practice once they leave the training session. It could be a variety of reasons – lack of desire, boredom, too much work…

I told her I think it is because the player doesn’t have someone to feed them the ball to practice passing, shooting, receiving, heading, trapping, etc. And practicing juggling, dribbling and kicking against a wall by yourself gets BORING fast!

With an ULTIMAGOAL, kids can practice every skill by themselves and its fun.

I showed her how as a coach, she could give the player a lesson plan based on their skill level and monitor their performance to see how quickly they are progressing. The ULTIMAGOAL provides her and the player a simple, structured way to improve player skill by getting them many game-like repetitions quickly.

She got it!

Sarah Hagen's ULTIMAGOAL


As a parting gift, I gave her an unassembled ULTIMAGOAL to practice with at home. She was so excited she had it assembled that evening and sent me a pic!

I chuckled to myself because I know any player that loves soccer… it’s the best gift.

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