Get Your Child to Stop Kicking the Soccer Ball at the House

If your child loves soccer, you’ve heard the sound… thud… thud… thud… of a soccer ball against your house. It can drive you bonkers. And no matter how many times you yell at them not to do it… the sound comes back… thud… thud… thud…

You can’t blame your child. They want to be around the house. They want to practice soccer. There is no one for them to kick or pass the ball to. And tossing the ball in the air or juggling is boring. They want to be able to line the ball up and give it a good wallop sending it as hard as they can at a wall… hopefully striking their intended target…

…and if something gets broken. You won’t realize the damage until you come across it yourself because no child in their right mind is going to tell their parents, “Mom, while I was kicking the soccer ball at the house I broke a window.” Oh no, they are going to suddenly vanish and not mention a word until it is hammered out of them once the damaged goods have been discovered and you are completely irate (justifiably so).

Maybe your house and garage is able to take the beating… the surface isn’t cracking, chipping, splintering, or pealing. It is only decorated with polka dot marks all over the surface and your neighbors immediately know you have an active youngster decorating the exterior surfaces of your house. As if you didn’t have enough things to do around the house now you get to clean the ball marks on the outside.

And then your wish is answered. That ball they were kicking against the house has fallen apart. Maybe it warped. Maybe the seams opened up. Maybe it is flat as pancake losing all its air.

But now your soccer player is disappointed and bored. So you run to the store and shell out another $35 or $70 or $150 for another ball only to see that ball fall apart in a week or two!

How do you end the frustration of getting hammered in the wallet every couple weeks buying new balls?

An ULTIMAGOAL. Sure its $300 new but think of the money you’ll save not having to replace soccer balls every couple weeks or other objects around the house like windows that get broken. Plus your child can use it for a couple years and when they are done using it, sell it on Craig’s List for about half of what you paid for it because it is still in great shape.

And your child will love you for it too. With all the rebounding angles and planes and configurations they can put the goal in… your child will never get bored. They can also give it their best shot and the goal will not fall over like all the other rebounders on the market. And unlike a wall, it feeds them back a game-like ball.

Imagine how surprised you will be when your child practices for hours and hours in your own backyard except now you will have the peace of not hearing thud… thud… thud…

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