How to Become a Skilled Soccer Player with a Rebounder

    • Do you feel like no matter how much you practice you still struggle at soccer?
    • Do you lack confidence with the ball?
    • Are you tired of soccer drills that have you running around and you’re not getting any better?
    • Are you frustrated with not being able to score more goals?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to get the FREE DVD – “The Ultimate Soccer Video” from ULTIMAGOAL. It is a fast-paced, very comprehensive skill DVD that provides you the technique you need to dramatically improve your game. The DVD includes:

    • How To Strike with Perfection Every Time
    • Dribble Moves that will leave Defenders Standing Still
    • How to Take Your Game to the Next Level
    • Step-by-Step Skill Training System for Players & Goalies

     Learn These Soccer Skills:

    Chip Pass
    One Touch Passing
    Heel, Toe, Sole Passing
    Inside Foot Pass
    Wall Pass
    Outside Foot Pass
    Loft Pass
    Volley Pass
    Volley Shot
    Bending Shot
    Inside Foot Shot
    In-Step Drive Shot
    Angled Shot
    Re-Direct Headers
    Jumping Headers
    Chest Trap
    Thigh Trap
    Inside Foot Trap
    Sole Trap
    Outside Foot Trap
    In-Step Trap
    Head Trap
    High Saves
    Defensive Technique
    Dive Saves
    Side Arm Throw
    Low Saves
    Kneel Save
    Goalie Stance
    Roll Pass