US Soccer Practice Session

Alan with Sarah Hagen – Professional and US Women’s National Team Player

About Alan Petras

Alan has trained soccer players all over the country on the ULTIMAGOAL from those just starting out in soccer all the way up to professionals and World Cup players. He is able to provide training that challenges the player on their level.

He wrote and produced the Ultimate Soccer Video DVD for the ULTIMAGOAL, which provides technique breakdown of many of the skills used by players and goalies. He also designed the “6 Steps to Amazing Soccer Skill” training program and the “33 Soccer Checklists” skill technique guide for players, coaches, teams and more.

He has played and coached rec and select soccer over the last 40 years so he has a good understanding of the struggles of players, coaches, parents, and administrators.

Last summer he worked with a local high school team in the offseason with the ULTIMAGOAL and short-sided games, helping them develop the skills necessary to succeed. They were one game shy of going to the semi-finals at state, the furthest in the school’s history.

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