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Buying a Soccer Rebounder – What Every Parent Should Know

How to avoid wasting money on soccer rebounders that will fall apart quickly or that your child will quickly lose interest in.

Having spent quite a few weekends at tournaments this summer and fall, I’ve made a couple valuable observations about kids and what trips their trigger when it comes to practicing soccer on the ULTIMAGOAL by themselves and with others.


If it isn’t fun… they won’t play with it.

Once kids start playing on it… they don’t stop. And if they do leave, they come back only a short time later to play some more. They become addicted. Warning – if you love your grass, don’t get an ULTIMAGOAL because where ever it is set up the grass will get worn out.


If its boring and too repetitive… they won’t do it.

Kids love being able to practice a variety of skills. They want to do as much as possible. Being the only transformable rebounder goal, kids love putting it into one of the 9 different configurations. At tournaments, they go from ULTIMAGOAL to ULTIMAGOAL configured in the different modes, kicking and throwing at the different planes.


If kids can’t do stuff with their friends… they won’t play with it as much.

Every tournament, I have had a group of kids line up to take their turn on the goal, play small-sided games or just have their friends shoot at them while they play goalie. They compete, laugh and have fun.


If it’s not challenging… they’ll stop doing it.

Not only challenging themselves by being able to measure their progress but also when they play with friends, setting up contests like who can volley the ball the most off ULTIMAGOAL before it hits the ground, who can hit the goal from the farthest distance, who can do James Rodriguez’s World Cup goal, etc.


If it breaks easily… it goes in the garbage.

Kids are tough on stuff. They climb on it, flip it over, toss it around, kick and throw as hard as they can. Other than a couple stretched springs and nets, the ULTIMAGOALS I used this summer are ready for another year of use and abuse. Other rebounders would have been trashed after the first tournament.

Usability is something that typically isn’t considered when purchasing a rebounder but if there were a rating for it, ULTIMAGOAL would be at the top. When your child has fun practicing their confidence grows and they love soccer more.

soccer-rebounder-buyers-guideFor more information about rebounders and what to consider check out The Soccer Rebounder Buyer’s Guide.

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