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Beware if your child is the best player on their soccer team

Beware if your child is the best player on their soccer team. Being the best player on the team could be detrimental to your child’s development as a soccer player. Your child could be the best for a number of reasons like,
· They are the fastest
· They have the best shot
· They are the best dribbler
· They have natural game awareness
· They are the biggest, tallest on the field
· They play with more effort
· They are the best athlete

But every great player has their weaknesses. Unfortunately, because of too much emphasis on the final score, technical development takes a back seat to winning. Tactics become more important than technique.

As your child progresses in their soccer career and they move up to higher levels of play, their weaknesses will become more glaringly obvious. They won’t win the one-on-one battles with as much ease as before. Standing out from the crowd will be more difficult too. Where they once dominated they will begin to struggle.

You can ensure your child has that edge over the competition with technically sound automatic skill. The only way to develop that level of skill is with repetition. Unfortunately, aside from kicking at a wall, the only things your child can practice by themselves is juggling and dribbling. Both are great skills to have but don’t translate to success with passing, receiving, striking, heading, etc.

Your child could find a training partner but they would only be able to practice when its convenient with their partner which is better in theory than action.

That is where ULTIMAGOAL comes in. Your child can practice every soccer skill by themselves – when they want, where they want, for as long as they want. The only limit to their development is their level of desire.

In 15 minutes with an ULTIMAGOAL your child will get more game-like touches than a week’s worth of practices and games. And it is this repetition that will make those skills automatic, so when they need it in a game or practice, they’ve already done it so many times they don’t think about it all. It’s a reaction.

The choice is yours – you can help your child stay on top with an ULTIMAGOAL or you can watch the other kids catch up to them skill-wise over the next couple years.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain as ULTIMAGOAL is backed by a full 90-day guarantee so if you don’t see your child’s skills improve in that time with an ULTIMAGOAL, simply return it to us… no questions asked.

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