Avoid These Soccer Gift Mistakes and 4 Holiday Gems

It happens every year at Christmas. You go in with great intentions of giving a gift you think someone will love and it ends up being a flop.

Buying gifts for the soccer player, goalie or coach on your list is even more difficult as there is a lot of junk out there. Below are a couple pointers to consider when buying soccer gifts.

Its a Toy.

toy soccerThese are usually inexpensive trinkets that break easily and collect dust fast. A great example is the half soccer ball that lights up and has rollers underneath so it stays on the floor – makes for a nice TV commercial.

It doesn’t get Used

These gifts rank high on the novelty factor but don’t get touched. Many soccer promotional items may fall into this category.

It doesn’t Benefit

The gift does nothing for helping the player perform better in the game. While you would think a jersey of their favorite player may fall in this category, these actually make great gifts because the person wearing it feels like their star when they have it on.

It doesn’t Perform

The product says it supposed to perform but it quickly breaks with any use. Many popular inexpensive rebounders fall in this category – thin netting, lightweight frames, need stakes, etc. Look at the negative comments of customers or testimonials of the product to see if the person mentions how long the product performs for them or what kind of use/abuse it handles.

Four Unique Holiday Gems


SleefsStylish, inexpensive and fun. These cover the lower arms of the players and come in a variety of styles. If your athlete plays indoors they can where these on their arms for protection from artifical turf burns.



NxtMile Insoles

Soccer InsoleYoung players are playing more organized practices and games with there developing feet, ligaments, joints and legs often times suffering from overuse. These are great for providing cushion and relieving pain from overuse.


Bungee Soccer Ball

Soccer Bungee BallWhile there are a lot of different products on the market, from a design and use perspective, I think this is the best bungee rebounder on the market. Not the cheapest… but the best value.




Kids play on it for  hours at a time and get better in the process – gaining confidence with every touch. If they love the game now… they will really love it after they play with one of these. Lasts for years. Multi-sport. Multi-use. Indoors or outdoors. It is the most expensive of the gifts here but is the best gift for the kid that loves soccer on your list. Click Here for Holiday pricing.


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