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7 Tips to Avoid Boring Soccer Practices

Boring practices!?

Even though every coach tries to avoid them, it is the top complaint of players. And technical training is one of the most boring aspects of practices yet needs attention, especially at the younger levels where kids are just learning skills.

So how do you keep your players enthusiastic about practice while developing technical skill?

You make your practices “Entertraining” – which is entertaining training. The players are developing their technical skill while having a blast.

This type of practice can be done 7 Easy Ways with an ULTIMAGOAL.

Skills Challenge

Soccer Skills ChallengePlayers like to compete and any time you can add a fun, competitive element to practices, it livens things up. You have a set of ULTIMAGOALS in one mode with players competing in a variety of areas such as who can get the most volleys off ULTIMAGOAL before the ball hits the ground, who can do the most consecutive headers, who can shoot at ULTIMAGOAL from the farthest distance, etc. The only limit is your imagination.

Skills Course

Skill CourseYou have 3 or more ULTIMAGOALS set up in a variety of modes so players can do one or more skills with each goal then dribble to the next goal. Add some dribbling around cones in the beginning and end with a finishing shot on net all while being timed can make for some challenging fun.

Skills Station

Soccer Skill StationsThe Skills Station has a group of ULTIMAGOALS set up in a variety of modes with one or two players working on one control plane for a set period of time. Once time is up they go to another plane and work on the next skill. The picture has a player in the middle that is one touch passing to one of the four goals. The player on the bottom and the one in blue on the top left are volleying from one goal to the other goal continuously. The player on the top right is continuously volleying.

Direct Kicks

Practice Direct KicksThis is one of the practice favorites as players love shooting on net. Now you can work on Direct Kicks and practice Set Plays too with ULTIMAGOAL and the Wall of Players attachment. Keep practicing this one and you’ll convert more opportunities. Players also like using the ULTIMAGOAL since they don’t have to BE the wall.

Target in Net

Target in NetIf your players can hit the corners, you’ll score more goals! But most players miss the net entirely. Put ULTIMAGOALS in the left and right side of the net and have your players hit ‘em in shooting drills. With enough repetition, they’ll be hitting the corners all the time… then once it is automatic… even in games.


Skill Evaluations

Soccer Skill EvaluationWhile not the most exciting aspect of practice it is important. Doing skill evaluations with ULTIMAGOAL is quick, accurate and easy. Just download the Skill Evaluation Form, watch the “6 Minute Soccer Workout” for ideas about how to do the skills with ULTIMAGOAL and you are ready to assess your players shooting, heading, trapping, one touch passing, chip passing, bounce passing and receiving, throw-ins and volleying. You’ll also be able to evaluate a player’s speed, power, accuracy, touch, technique, control, timing, reflexes, coordination and agility all within a matter of minutes. Now when a parent asks what their child needs to work on you’ll have quantifiable information to provide them.

Small-Sided Games

There is no better teacher of the game than the game itself… so let them play. Now at the end of practices, you can put ULTIMAGOAL in Small Goal or Large Goal mode for small sided games.

As you can see by the 7 tips above, ULTIMAGOAL can help breathe new life into your soccer practices.

Having a variety of tools at your disposal to help your players grow and develop while learning to love the game is the trademark of a great coach. Be sure to comment on the article below as well as like us on facebook and twitter so you can get more useful coaching information.

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